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Welcome to our FunnyFuzzy reviews page! At FunnyFuzzy, we take pride in crafting high-quality pet products that both our customers and their furry friends absolutely adore. From cozy dog beds to stylish couch covers, our products are designed with your pet's comfort in mind. But don't just take our word for it—see what our customers have to say!

Dog Beds: A New Favorite Place for Your Pup

Our dog beds are a hit among pet owners. Customers rave about how their dogs immediately fell in love with our plush and durable beds. Made from high-quality materials, our beds provide the perfect snuggle spot for your furry friend. Whether your dog loves to stretch out or curl up, our beds are designed to offer ultimate comfort.

Couch Covers: Protect Your Furniture in Style

FunnyFuzzy couch covers are not only stylish but also highly functional. With non-slip backing and thick, soft materials, our couch covers protect your furniture from dirt and damage while providing a comfy spot for your pet.

Car Seats: Travel Comfortably with Your Pet

Our car seats are designed for pet safety and comfort during travel. Customers appreciate the quality and ease of use, making road trips more enjoyable for both pets and owners.

Why Choose FunnyFuzzy?

Our customers can't say enough wonderful things about our products and service. We are committed to providing high-quality pet products that are both functional and stylish. Here's why pet owners love FunnyFuzzy:

Quality: Our products are made from durable materials that stand up to daily use.

Comfort: Designed with your pet’s comfort in mind, our beds and covers are plush and soft.

Customer Service: We prioritize customer satisfaction and offer excellent support, from quick responses to refund requests.

Join the FunnyFuzzy family and discover why our customers and their pets love our products. Shop our selection of dog beds, couch covers, and more to find the perfect items for your furry friends.

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Your dog's weight: 0-20
Breed: Yorkie
Couch cover

I like the cover, it looks very nice and saves my couch from the dogs getting on it, but they didn’t send the dog toys and my dogs were disappointed very much

Your dog's weight: 0-20
Breed: Maine coon cat
Great covers for RV

They stay in place and cat cat scratch it. Perfect for our double pawed feline.

Your dog's weight: 21-50
Breed: Boston Terriers
Great large bed.

My dogs love it and they can share it together❤️

Your dog's weight: 51-70
Breed: Mountain Curr/Jack Russel

Both dogs are very playful and their nails dig into everything.. but with this cover.. they haven’t touched our new couch

Your dog's weight: 0-20
Breed: Mixed Terrier
My doggo loves this!

Soft and cosy, fits across my couch perfectly


Bought it so that our kitties wouldn't destroy our new loveseat. So far it seems to be working.

Your dog's weight: 0-20
Breed: The best ! Perfect
Perfect !

Perfect my dog Adore !

Your dog's weight: 0-20
Breed: Pomapoo
Cute but thick

They are aesthetically pleasing, however they are pretty thick. To wash them you definitely have to go to a laundromat where they have bigger machines. I guess the thickness can also be a plus/benefit? My dog peed on the new mat and it didn’t seep through to the couch. But anyways we had to wash them and that’s when I realized they are pretty thick.

Your dog's weight: 21-50
Breed: English Bulldog

The quality of this blanket is impressive. It's well constructed and I was happy to find it has a grippy bottom so it stays put on my leather sofa and doesn't fall when my dog jumps down or up onto it. The edges serve as a nice little pillow for my pup, too.

Your dog's weight: 0-20
Breed: Poodle mutt
Surprised by quality and functionality!!

I got two of these couch covers for my leather couch because I have a puppy that loves to tear around the house. I threw it in the wash to soften them up and they literally installed these in about 1 minutes! They completely stay in place and look great! What an incredible value and can’t believe how well they look!

Your dog's weight: 21-50
Breed: Mix
She loves it!

My dog is loving her new bed and so am I! It’s perfect size & color.

Your dog's weight: 51-70
Breed: Hound/pitbull mix
Great texture

The couch covers look great and are thick enough to withstand my energetic dog’s toenails. I’m very pleased with the quality.

Your dog's weight: 0-20
Breed: Pomeranian Shih Tzu and Yorky
Furniture protective cover

This cover was very nice. Good quality and washed well

Your dog's weight: 0-20
Breed: Toy maltipoo
Dog toy:

My dog doesn’t get her mouth off this toy. She doesn’t really play with toys much but this heart toy makes her so happy. She absolutely loves it! ❤️

Your dog's weight: 21-50

Me encantó

Your dog's weight: 51-70
Breed: Bully
Travel bolster

Not good. The bottom cushion doesn't attach to the bed itself so it's clumping up and moving all around when my dog changes position.

Your dog's weight: 0-20
Breed: Pinscher Miniatura
Es genial este sofa 😍

A mis perros les encanta, es super cómodo y para limpiar y desenfundar es facil.

Worry-Free Purchase
Sandra Brink
Your dog's weight: 21-50
Breed: rough coated hound and the other a rat terrier
Dogs & Humans happy

The items are as advertised. Came in a timely manner. They fit and my dogs are happy and I am happy that the couches are protected. I do wish you could buy two long pieces, that would have fit the back of the bigger couch better than the three pieces.

Your dog's weight: 0-20
Breed: Domestic Shorthair cat
Love it!

Though I’m not sure how long the non-slip back is going to hold up after multiple washes, the cover is wonderfully thick and plush, and my adorable cat loves it and quickly adopted the daybed that it now covers as his own, thank goodness!

Your dog's weight: 51-70
Breed: Golden retriever
Great cover for the dogs what a deal!

Works well for all three of our dogs that weigh from 50-88 lbs. Golden retrievers and a boxer. It stays in place well and looks great. Soft and comfortable.

Your dog's weight: 0-20
Breed: Toy Australian Shepherd

It took forever to receive the cover but we'll worth the wait! I am very pleased with quality and the wa it covers my couch! Also Love the color adds an elegant look! Thank you!

Your dog's weight: 71-100
Breed: Golden Retriever
Rosie's Fuzzy Bed

Rosie and I are inseparable. Her new bed is in my office here in Omaha, NE.
She loves it!!
Thank You so much!
Rosie & Ken

Your dog's weight: 0-20
Breed: Shitzu
Comfy ride

My dog loves his new car seat!
Excellent quality and extremely comfortable for our dog.

Your dog's weight: 21-50
Breed: Mix
High quality dog bed!

This bed is much better quality than most. Love the removable cover and how comfy it is for my dogs. They are not chewing as they have other beds.

Your dog's weight: 21-50
Breed: Swiss white shepherd

Good quality and our dog likes it a lot