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FUNNYFUZZY was created by a group of pet lovers who want to consider the needs of their pets more. At first, Our designer found that his dog has a soft spot for yellow toys, so he wondered, can dogs see colors like us? Later on, he did some research and found out that dogs can only discern blue and yellow, and other colors are close to gray. So he wanted to design products from the perspective of a dog, and thus our brand color was born: a warm yellow. He gathered a group of pet lovers, including manufacturers, fathers, mothers, etc. They all want to create products that are considered more from the perspective of pets, and bring some interesting & fresh changes to banal products, aiming to make both owners and pets live happily together.


FUNNYFUZZY is a pet lifestyle brand that provides a variety of products for you and your pet. We have not only the essentials but also a lot of fun products, to bring comfort and joy to your home & travel. Happiness is what we all seek, and it is what we have been creating and will continue in the future.

Practical, Fun, Variety of styles

We all love the basics, but we also want a little bit of FUN. We design a lot of practical and classic products, but we also bring some "FUN" to the classics, in order to give you and your pets a different experience.

Sharing is loving

Sharing your moments, you are the star of our brand. We always hold on to a concept: sharing your happiness is sharing your love. What you’ve shared will touch people and make them feel joy. So, whether on our website or our social media, we are very willing to share your moments with your pet. You are the true star of our brand.

Design together

We are listening, you are part of our design team. We might have different needs, but we want you to tell us your opinions freely. Your suggestions or opinions will make an impact on the product, and give our beloved pets a better using experience.

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Sharing happiness is spreading love to the world.
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